Fiona has a hugely empathetic approach to everyone in the class - showing us adaptations of poses to suit our wide range of ages, body shapes and flexibility. Most of all the classes are fun, thanks to Fiona’s sense of humour.



Fiona is an excellent yoga teacher. She is clear, encouraging, and her teaching is informed by extensive experience and her wide knowledge. I am very impressed by her ability to monitor and help individual members of the group. Her classes are well structured and fun! 



I’m in my fifties and started yoga classes with Fiona nearly two years ago. I love the classes. Fiona is an excellent teacher, calm, positive with a sense of humour. She is able to accommodate different abilities in the class with ease, and is very attuned to what your body can do. Without realising how, your body responds and you find yourself doing things you could not do a few weeks before. Two years ago I knew nothing about yoga and had never done any exercise classes. I now feel lighter in my body, more flexible and more open to exercise generally.



Yoga with Fiona is addictive. Warm, engaging and fun. Fiona brings so much more to her carefully planned classes than simply the practice of yoga.   A former professional dancer, she understands each individual's capabilities and her knowledge of Chinese medicine and Shiatsu adds another dimension. 



Fiona's yoga classes are a joy.  Not only is she an excellent teacher, explaining and demonstrating everything very clearly, but she also pays careful attention to each person in the class, adapting poses to individual needs and limitations, strengths and weaknesses, and helping with a hands-on approach when necessary - a far cry from the type of class where the teacher does their own thing on the mat and you follow as best you can, sometimes doing yourself an avoidable injury (I speak from experience!).  Fiona's sense of humour makes the classes fun as well as physically rewarding - I'm someone who's never really enjoyed exercise in the past, but I look forward to Fiona's class each week.


I love Fiona’s classes. She has a friendly, gentle and encouraging manner and adapts postures according to each person’s ability. I feel nurtured and leave with a sense of calm after every session.


As a complete beginner to yoga I was nervous about joining a class however Fiona’s calming, patient and instructive classes have now become the highlight of my week. An hour where I can switch off from the world in a relaxed space.


I love Fiona's classes! Her warmth and friendliness is very welcoming. The speed and content is just right for me; each course offers richness and variety, as well as the opportunity to focus on a particular theme over a period of time and explore further depths and abilities. It is a real treat to be part of a group of maximum 8 people, you really feel Fiona's support throughout the classes, ensuring we apply the principles correctly right from the start and as we progress. And on top of it all, the environment is beautiful and adds to the joy of taking time out for oneself. In my experience it is so rare to find such quality of teaching, I recommend wholeheartedly! 


I've been to lots of different yoga lessons and Fiona's are among the best. Each lesson has a different set of postures and focus, with some moves that I have not come across despite hundreds of lessons with a whole range of teachers.

The classes are small and intimate so Fiona can see, and take an interest in, how each person is progressing, and amend postures where necessary. I think this is incredibly important.