My love of yoga started twenty two years ago as it helped me to heal a significant dance injury. Inspired by this I went on to train with many renowned yoga teachers. Yoga continues to teach me how to remain calm and kind no matter what challenges, changes and obstacles life throws at me. My aim is to pass on all that it has given to me and continues to do so.


  • improves flexibility, strength and posture.
  • reduces stress
  • increases energy
  • helps with weight loss
  • eases back pain and other injuries
  • improves self confidence
  • improves over all fitness

MY YOGA CLASSES focus on where you are now and I will assist you to learn more about your breath, your alignment, your strengths, weaknesses, your flexibility and your state of mind. As a trained Shiatsu therapist I also bring in a knowledge of anatomy and Chinese Medicine to help you understand more about the workings of your body and mind. My dedication is to create a kind, fun and open learning environment. I believe yoga can be of benefit to anyone regardless of their age, fitness level or state of health.